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About the Founder

Andy Fortuna is the founder and lead therapist here at MyoRenew.

He understands that the human body is a special organism composed of many systems working together for optimal balance and harmony. For this reason, he combines a holistic approach that integrates both mind and body health to facilitate natural healing and optimal performance in each session. 

Other than finding new ways to move and enjoy the outdoors, Andy enjoys spending time with his wife , Ana, and daughters, Isla and Cleo.

This is the big drive at MyoRenew. The opportunity to help you achieve your fullest potential is what we are most passionate about. We are grateful to be a part of your journey

Everyday is a chance to push our mission forward

We focus on a high quality experience with an evolving passion to make a daily difference.

It takes a team full of trust, integrity, and communication to make an impact. Our team, along with your help, work seamlessly to fuel the MyoRenew magic.

We are actively hard at work finding new ways to develop our skills and enhancing your experience.

Human Focused. Performance Driven

We as humans have tremendous abilities and skills within each one of us. At MyoRenew, we strive to bring the best out of you, both mentally and physically.

In order to go far, we must go together

Love what we do

Dedication to the process


  • Bachelors In Science Kinesiology - University of Texas Pan-American

  • Masters in Science Athletic Training (Sports Medicine) - Florida International University 

  • Masters in Oriental Medicine - Acupuncture & Massage College  


  • Licensed Massage Therapist 

  • Licensed Athletic Trainer 

  • Strength & Movement Coach 

Lets Connect


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