15 min Strength Training for Busy Parents | Simple and Time Effective

fitness training tips Feb 22, 2021

As a first time father I found out very quickly that my regular training routine was out the question and It was back to the drawing board. 

I was used to getting up at 6 am to train for about 1 to 2hrs. All that changed very quickly upon my daughter’s birth 4 weeks ago.

My wife and I now had to plan for an infant feeding schedule, parent shifts to take care of the baby, and my school/work schedule.

Needless to say, our schedule no longer belonged to us. We were on Isla’s schedule and we had to work around it.

So this made it difficult to go to my usual spot and continue with my regular training routine. In fact, I didn't train in the first 2 weeks after my wife gave birth.

Once we had somewhat of a stable schedule that worked for us and the baby, I found I had small windows of about 15 - 20 minutes between feeding, diaper changes, and naps (for both baby and parent)  which was enough time to get a simple training routine together.

In the last two weeks I have been incorporating a new training routine that runs for about 15-20 minutes which includes a warm up, strength work, and cool down. With this new routine I am able to get good quality strength and conditioning work in a very small window

The base of the routine is running an EMOM or Every Minute On the Minute structure, This gives me the ability to be more effective and precise with my time. EMOMs also do a great job dictating pace , working on skill, and incorporating conditioning all in one.

There are several ways to work with an EMOM structure. have been experimenting with 2 movements for a total 1 set of 5 minutes each. I chose a specific number for each movement and whatever time I have left within the minute I use as my rest period


For example:

16 reps of  KB Squat (8 reps holding KB on each side) = roughly 40 seconds of work 

Rest time = 20 seconds 


Here's the routine:

15 -20 min EMOM Strength and Conditioning 

  • 2-3 minute Warm Up
  • 10 min EMOM : Every Minute on the Minute
    • Pick 1 pair of movements per day : Perform 5 minutes of each movement or 5 sets of 1 minute for each movement 
      • Monday: KB Squat + KB Clean
      • Tuesday: Clubbell Gamma Cast + Lateral Swing to Cross Bar
      • Wednesday: KB Swing + OH Press
      • Thursday: Clubbell Forward Split Squat + Mill
      • Friday: Turkish Get Up + KB Single Leg Deadlift 
      • Saturday & Sunday: Rest
  •  2-3 minute Cool Down 


Creating this routine was huge for me especially after two weeks of not being able to train due to lack of time and lack of energy. 

This specific routine may not be perfect but it works really well to build consistency, to build overall strength and conditioning, and serves as a mental break from parent life. 

Be sure to be kind to yourself and allow your energy level to dictate training intensity. 


As much as a newborn needs his or her parents, the parents need to make time for themselves however small, to decompress and train. A tired,grumpy, unhealthy parent is not a productive one (trust me I know). So once you have a hold of your schedule start incorporating small bursts of training to get you back on track. 

Im currently training 15-20 minutes 5 days a week. As my schedule allows I will add more but for now, this will do. 


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