The Best Mindset For Longterm Healthy Training

 Healthy training is the  balance between challenge and progress. You need the right amount of challenge for growth and timely progressions to allow your body to build resilience and positive adaptations over time. 

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The No pain , No Gain mindset is outdated and can drive you to be more concerned with the outcome instead of the process or growth. In other words can lead to negative adaptations.

Negative Adaptation:

  • Poor form
  • Poor Recovery 
  • Overuse/Overexertion
  • Injury/Pain

Pain and limited performance is the body's alert system to signal an imbalance 

This type of response to your training is not the time to push and go harder. Instead, its the time to take a step back. Heres where an evaluation of current training intensity and form can help. Using tools such as a self assessment to identify the problem. If this is not enough, consult with a professional to help identify root cause. 

Instead we should adopt the Learn, Improve, and Progress mindset. This helps to focus on getting 1% better each session, increasing body awareness,  and developing positive adaptations.

Positive Adaptation:

  • Improvements in lifting technique 
  • Increase in qualities such as strength, endurance , and conditioning  
  • Increase overall training capacity 

Its normal to run into neuromuscular fatigue and hardship within your training as you challenge yourself:

  • Muscular Burn : After a number of reps 
  • Energy Depletion: 1 REP MAX
  • Winded: after finishing a circuit or sprinting set 

This type response is normal and improves over time with consistency and exposure in your training.

Staying mindful about effort and intention with in each session to allow for steady pace of success.  Of course, there will be instances where you will give it all you but most of the time you want to pace yourself to provide optimal effort.

Ultimately, consistent progress and growth should be our focus and standard measure of success. Adopting the Learn, Improve,  and Progress mindset will help build your competitive edge while developing optimal health. 



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