TUTORIAL Muscle Tendon Change Classic Qigong | Yi Jin Jing

The Muscle Tendon Change Classic, is one of my favorite qigong sets to perform daily to build strong and healthy muscles, tendons, and joints. Heres a tutorial you can use to learn all 12 forms. [ Watch video tutorial below]

Muscle Tendon Change Form 1-12

  1. Front Press
  2. Side Press
  3. Upwards Press
  4. Plucking Stars On Each Side
  5. Pulling 9 Cows By Their Tails
  6. Displaying Claws and Spreading Wings
  7. 9 Ghosts Drawing Swords
  8. Placing 3 Plates On The Floor
  9. Black Dragon Shows It's Claws
  10. Tiger Jumping On It's Prey
  11. Bowing Down In Salutation
  12. Swinging The Tail


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