Muscle Tendon Qigong (YI Jin Jing Classic)

After over 5 months of performing this variation of the Yi Jin Jing Classic Qi Gong, this is the final product. [ Watch full video below]

The Muscle Tendon Change was created by Dao Mao, an Indian buddhist monk, to help Shaolin buddhist priest develop good health. The priest's discovered that as their practice with exercises improved, so did their physical strength and power. Many sets of Qi Going exercises where developed in accordance to the principles of Dao Mao's book of Muscle Tendon Changing. 

I came across this particular set after researching and searching for QiGong exercises to do. I came across Shi Heng Yi and his videos and instantly I was hooked.

Within the first few weeks I noticed improvements in flexibility, control, and strength with this daily practice. The upper back and neck stiffness I would get was no longer there, the improvement in movement and mobility within my workouts was very noticeable, and even waking up in the morning my body felt better. But the biggest change was my mood and focus. Through qigong I was able to reduce my anxiety build ups and manage stress much more effectively. Dont get me wrong it was not easy, but implementing the breathing and meditation techniques I learned from qigong was applicable and very helpful.

But, the trick to a successful QiGong practice is a lifetime of mindful and consistent practice.


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