Qigong Massage to Activate, Nourish, and Clear the Body

I tend to see stress, injury, and disease as accumulations or build ups in the body. These accumulations can happen either abruptly (acute) or over time (chronic ). 

A great way to go about addressing these accumulations  in your daily routine is through a meditation or qigong practice .  Combined with a mobility and stretching routine, I use a qigong self massage routine to help nourish, activate, and clear the acupuncture meridians.

Qigong massage uses the mind and breath to  work the acupuncture meridians with your hand. By tracking with your hand and intentionally visualizing the meridians, you can work the entire system of the body within the practice. As you work each meridian to move energy (Qi) and blood, you can visualize each channel being nourished, activated, and cleared of any accumulations. You may feel sensations such as tingling, relaxation, and increase in blood flow through the massage.




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