QiGong Warm Up and Daily Mobility Routine

For a strong healthy body there needs to be a practice placed on the health of our joints, tendons, and our ability to use in controlled range of motion.

Through the education of one of my mentors, Chad Bailey, a martial art instructor here in Miami, I learned about a basic yet powerful routine to help with just that. He calls it a Qi Bath, as per the nourishment and rinsing of the Qi (energy, life force) flowing through your body and specific areas throughout the routine. I added a few extra moves as a variation and use it daily as warm up for my QiGong but also as an overall mobility and energy practice. 

This 12 minute routine is a great way to get your mobility work and mediation in a short amount of time. This routine is often my short and quick practice when running low on time....or if I hit the snooze button one too many times that morning. Although, a movement or QiGong practice is great to do in the morning , don't hesitate to add it after lunch, before a meeting, or even as a decompression routine after a long days work. 


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