The 11 year rabbit hole

mindset Nov 12, 2021

It was May 2014 and it took me months to figure out what I wanted to do once baseball and undergrad was over. What I knew for sure was that I wanted to go into the health and rehab field.

Physical therapy had waaay to many pre-requisites I didn’t want to take, with chemistry (my nemesis being one of them).

So there had to be another route.

In between I became a licensed massage therapist and started @myorenew to give me the hands on knowledge/experience and  a quick way to get into the field and make extra money, while I figured out my next step.

I spent my evenings after work,  traveling from gym to gym and  working with as many people as I could ( some days not making any $ ) . This was great marketing but even more powerful  of a learning tool. Treating and seeing so many different cases. I learned on the fly.

After spending $3,000 on a potential degree in Public Health, I then decided that Athletic Training  would be my next endeavor. As a former athlete and intern, sports medicine was a great fit and  a bridge between orthopedics and performance.

Two years,  over 1,000 clinical hours , and my first Masters degree later I was a board certified Athletic Trainer.

Even then, there was something missing. I wanted to be able to treat even more holistically than just manual therapy, movement,  and rehab. There was more to the human body I wanted to understand…enter Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

I went back into the rabbit hole for another 3 years to learn the healing art and science of TCM.

In August 2021 , I received my second Masters degree in TCM.

Now it’s Nov 2021, It has felt as if I have literally carved my own road and jumped over mountains to unfold the “right” mix of knowledge and experience I felt has been calling me.

Still , the journey continues but I believe I have finally built the foundation I was in search of.

Stay tuned for the next chapter as I continue to share with you my story and how I came to be a health and performance coach/therapist.

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