The Social Media Reset Challenge

So my first instinct was to call this 'The Social Media Detox Challenge", but I am not a fan of the word "detox" for whatever reason. So "Reset" it is.

I dont believe social media to be inherently bad, but from my previous battles with anxiety and depression I know for it to be a big trigger for me if not kept under control.

Two years ago I once did a 7 month hiatus from the digital world. After two years straight of posting and content creating, it felt great to get the monkey off my back and disconnect.

Although I have done, what I consider, a decent job of not over extending myself on social media with barriers:

  • Remove social media notifications from phone to limit obsessive checking 
  • Reduce video editing for easier less time consuming creation
  • No social media during family time or after 8 pm 
  • Whats not done today, will get done tomorrow
  • Post only what is true to me and feels good 

I have slowly built the urge to "take a break"  from social media over the last couple of weeks.

In the last couple of weeks I found myself constantly checking my phone , wandering into the IG black hole, and just plain distracted.

So as of last week, I am taking a break from social media and pressing the reset button.

Now if you're up for the challenge I encourage you to do the same. Think of it as a mini- social experiment to see how stepping away for a few days can impact your life.

Below are the details.

The Social Media Reset Challenge 

No social media usage  (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc) for 7 days


  1. Find one book to read
  2. Journal your experience
  3. Add 5 -10 min of outdoor activities each day

Thats it. A whole 7 days of disconnection to reset your mind and body. 

Sounds simple but can be a very grounding experience. I will talk more about my own experience with this challenge in a later post.

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