Training Vs Working Out | For Long-Term Health and Performance

Today we are talking about the difference between training and working out 

There are several differences between the two and I will go over why I believe training is superior to just simply working out.


Structured Plan vs Random Approach 

The first key difference is that in order to maximize results and progress there needs to be a training plan in place. Whether the plan is minimal or robust, a training plan looks at your goals, lifestyle, and prerequisites in order to create long term health and performance. On the other hand,  a workout is a single event where you show up and choose what to do depending on whatever equipment is available.

Training Idealizes the 4 principles of performance which are  mindset, recovery, nutrition, and movement. Incorporating these principles within your regimen along with a long term plan are the essence of what training like an athlete is. 

Performance Driven VS Sweat Driven 

When most people think about working out they imagine burned calories, sweaty gym clothes, and extremely sore muscles. This is being sweat driven

Instead, a training regimen is performance driven. There is opportunity of increasing  intensities , sweaty sets, and muscular soreness but its not the base of the program

In fact, the main ingredients of training are skill acquisition, consistent progression, efficiency and movement  integration. The focus is to build a strong foundation with steady development  that can be applied to the activities you enjoy while creating a healthy and more resilient body. 

Sustainability VS Breakdown

Most times when we think of working out we think of breaking ourselves down in order to build a stronger body and mind. Because No pain No Gain right? Nope.

The question is not how much you can do or how fast you can get to the finish line but instead it is about building an effective process of developing performance and staying healthy.

An athlete who trains doesn't leave it all in the gym or sacrifice his or her body for the sake of one meaningless rep. Instead its about performance management. 

It’s important to under stand  when to push or when to slow down. It's about listening to your body and fueling to the best of your ability. It's about the mind and body as a whole and reaching older age and still sustaining a high level of performance while living a quality of life.


So instead of simply working out, start training.




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