How to Modify Your Exercises and Training

fitness training tips Sep 14, 2020


If you're reading this blog its because you either create your own workouts or are following a particular program that you need help adjusting, no worries I got you covered. 

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 I will teach you exactly what I teach my athletes, and that's how to...

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TUTORIAL Muscle Tendon Change Classic Qigong | Yi Jin Jing

The Muscle Tendon Change Classic, is one of my favorite qigong sets to perform daily to build strong and healthy muscles, tendons, and joints. Heres a tutorial you can use to learn all 12 forms. [ Watch video tutorial below]

Muscle Tendon Change Form 1-12

  1. Front Press
  2. Side Press
  3. ...
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Muscle Tendon Qigong (YI Jin Jing Classic)

After over 5 months of performing this variation of the Yi Jin Jing Classic Qi Gong, this is the final product. [ Watch full video below]

The Muscle Tendon Change was created by Dao Mao, an Indian buddhist monk, to help Shaolin buddhist priest develop good health. The priest's...

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The Best Mindset For Longterm Healthy Training

 Healthy training is the  balance between challenge and progress. You need the right amount of challenge for growth and timely progressions to allow your body to build resilience and positive adaptations over time. 

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The No pain , No Gain mindset is...

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