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We are all trying to work towards the same thing.


  • You want to be a few pounds lighter.
  • You want to improve your flexibility. 
  • You want to be stronger and move better.
  • You want to not feel winded after playing with your kids or after a pick-up game with your friends.
  • You want to feel healthy without the aches and pains.


You are also a busy person with a family, a job, and time restrictions in your week.

The MoveStrong training program is designed to help you achieve these goals and be completed with a minimal time commitment per week.

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It's simple. Commit to 3 training sessions per week.

Smart and effective training in 1 hour or less every time 

Train at home or at the gym with minimal equipment. 

All you need is a yoga mat, dumbbell set, resistance bands, and you are ready to train. 

Accountability and Tracking at your finger tips.

With access to your coach and your progress every step of the way!


Designed by Health Practitioners and Strength Coaches who have extensive backgrounds in sports medicine and strength/conditioning.

We help people resolve injuries and get back to living a healthier more performance filled life every day.

There is a lot of information out there about what you should be doing and how you should be improving your physical fitness.

This program keeps it very effective and realistic for even the busiest working professional to follow.

MoveStrong Monthly Membership

$30 per month


  • Online Monthly Program
  • 3 weekly Strength/Conditioning Sessions
  • 2 weekly Recovery/Mobility Sessions
  • Sleep/Health/Training Monitoring
  • Free Mobile App
  • Coach Support & Access
  • MyoRenew Athlete Community

1-on-1 Coaching Calls via video check-ins also available at an additional cost. 

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