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#1 way to create MOMENTUM in your Training and Life

I recently had a podcast with one of the strength coaches I have worked with and we spoke about getting clients to think about stacking W’s.

W is for wins, and by wins, I mean even the smallest victory within your training.

One of the keys to training consistently and building momentum is keeping tabs of the good that you're doing , or in this case stacking the W’s.

I believe its important to count even the smallest of wins. No matter how big or small your goals are.

Break it down to even the smallest of steps, and once each step is made, stack the W

Stacking W’s is about adding every positive within your training to keep you moving forward.

Its about being aware of the process and putting one foot in front of the other.

Its difficult to see improvement if theres no work to show for it. Stacking W’S gives you a way to use your progress as fuel to build momentum and motivation in and of itself.

Lets take my typical training day for example:

My goal is to wake up at 6:15 every morning, get to the parking lot, train for 1 hr or so, work on strength and conditioning, and practice my martial arts training.

So if I...

- Wake up on time and don't hit the snooze button, stack that W

- Showed up to train, stack that W

- Performed all my exercise well, stack that W

- Practice a few forms of martial arts, stack that W

- Had a great training session, had fun, and got better, stack that W

It doesn't look like much, but even on a regular training day I have earned 5 wins to start the day. I got better, worked on my goals, and set myself up with a strong momentum for the rest of the day and of course my next training session.

You can break up the W’s into small or big pieces if you want. The more W’s you can stack the stronger the momentum.

Here are a few other examples of how to stack W’s :

The night before

  • Setting up your training schedule for the week

  • Picking out your training clothes for the next day

  • Setting up your alarm

  • Setting your clothes so its ready in the morning

  • Going to bed on time

In your training

  • Finishing a set of exercises

  • Adding more sets, reps, or weight to an exercise

  • Improving your form and movement

  • Finishing your run

  • Adding one more lap

You can apply this same concept to anything you want to accomplish like weight loss, meal planning, starting a new routine, and even general life goals. Adding up the small wins will add up to big victories that propel you forward.

A powerful thing about stacking W’s, is that even if you have an off day, you have stacked up so many W’s so that the positive outweighs the one negative.

So even if you skipped a day or made a poor choice, this gives you the power to get back on track the very next moment and keep moving forward.

So if you want to be more consistent and build a strong momentum, stack those W’s.

Click the link for the full podcast with strength coach, Alex Crato, where we spoke about the concept of stacking W’s and much more.

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