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Be anchored in your daily practice

Updated: Jun 10

I recently had a conversation with a client of mine where she realized how her practice gave her the stability she needed to deal with a challenging couple of weeks of long work days and unexpected life circumstances.

She mentally and physically was in a good place. Not overwhelmed or burnt out as she would typically feel after similar times.

My next question was about how she was doing with her daily practice, to which she mentioned she made sure to dedicate time out of her day to her practice. For her, this consisted of yoga a couple days a week, strength and HIIT training, and park days with dog, Pepper. Some weeks, she added, I didn't do all of it, but I still showed up and did the work.

I pointed out to her that It was the discipline to her practice and the consistency she maintained that gave her the necessary foundation to weather the storm that she was going through.

There is no guarantee that life or training will be a smooth ride. In fact, you can guarantee a bump in the road.

We have talked about the importance of consistency and mindfulness in your practice in earlier segments. These are the key components of long standing results and health.

You see it’s not the strength of the storm that you should focus on, because that is outside of our control. But instead, focus on developing the strength and stability within you through your practice.

It’s an ongoing process.

Everyday your practice needs to be fortified.

Especially when challenging times arrive, it's an important time to turn to your practice for stability and a constructive release.

A stable daily practice not only builds strength but also supplies energy and balance when you need it most.

In the beginning, it may feel as though your practice may be a burden, something else on your to do list. But once engraved into your daily routine it becomes a necessity to your health and wellbeing. A way to regulate the mind as much as it nourishes the physical body.

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