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Courage + Discipline = Freedom

The road to being healthy is a long and uphill battle.

There are doors that need to be opened , bridges that need to be crossed, and anchors that must be cut loose.

It takes courage to get the wheels moving forward because you must EMBRACE change before committing to it.

Often times we don’t move forward due to the terror of having to uncover layers of ourselves we ran away from or ignored altogether.

Stirring up emotions of self doubt, uncertainty, and even fear of failure.

Once you arrive at the moment to make the change it takes discipline to carry out the actions necessary to make it happen.

The uphill battle is not conquered simply by reaching the top but by solidifying the process of forward.

It is the steps taken during the climb that brings success and not the notion.

Waking up early , managing your time, prioritizing yourself, and building on top of yesterday’s work all require discipline.

Steadfast action and mental focus.

Even once you get to the top, it requires energy and effort to keep from tumbling too far down either side of the hill.

It is the courage to start and the discipline to the process that brings change and fosters true freedom .

Freedom of time

Freedom of health

Freedom of anything of which you choose to be in control of and have abundance of.

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