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My 2021 New Years Resolution | Mindset, Training, and Life

As 2020 ends it’s an important time to reflect on all the good in our lives, challenges we have faced, and lessons we have learned. It was a difficult year to say the least but I believe that a lot of good also came out of it

With that being said, it’s also an important time to set your sights on the new year.

For me personally it’s not about the typical resolutions of losing weight, getting stronger, or more money. For me it’s about improving within myself and how I interact with others.

My new year's resolution is more of a collection of elements to a mindset that I am working for and they are as follows:

Gratitude for what I have and the opportunities that have been and will afforded to me :

To take the time and appreciate each and every opportunity, positive or negative. And gratitude for my health and the health and support of my family and friends.

Life can go a millions miles an hour at times, so its important to hit the brakes to acknowledge what you have and what you have accomplished.

Consistency in my thoughts and actions :

To maintain positivity, calmness, and a high level of resilience in everything I do no matter the circumstances or outcome. This is especially true for my training and routines. To show up , do my best and keep moving forward no matter what the day before brings.

Patience for myself and for others:

Life can be difficult so I will work to be more patient with myself and take the time to listen and support others to the best of my abilities

Wisdom for better choices :

Mistakes are inevitable and a valuable learning opportunity, so i'm not aiming for perfection, just better and more thoughtful choices

Courage to face challenges and stay true

No matter how difficult, I plan to keep moving forward and staying true to myself, my values, and my journey

At the end of the day I am a big believer of doing your best in each occasion, working hard for what you want, and being kind. Everything else will follow...

However big or small your new year's resolutions may be, make sure that they are true to you and your journey. Take the time to set realistic goals and expectations for each and check in from time to time to ensure you're on track.

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