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Sports Therapy in Miami – All You Need to Know

Updated: Jun 10

Sports therapy at Myorenew

Our Sports Therapists are changing the way health and performance is delivered.

There’s a new wave of Sports Therapy, and it’s happening right here at Myorenew.

What exactly is Sports Therapy? Continue reading as we dive into the 3 parts of what goes into a Sports Therapy session, and why you need it even if you’re not in pain.

In summary, a Sports Therapy session has 3 different steps.

Step 1: Your Health and Performance Assessment.

This is the part that we spend extra time on because it is often overlooked.

During the first 10 minutes of your session, we try to get to know you. At this point, we focus more on who you are as a person, what you like to do, and what you want to get back to.

Regardless of where you are in your health and performance journey, we want each person to feel safe, heard, and connected to the process.

Then, we dive right into it. Our evaluation process has been developed using many different methods, perspectives, and techniques which helps us figure out what the exact root cause of your problem is. This in-depth process will not only look at where your pain is, but also other areas of the body and why something else might be causing the pain. Most people don't realize that even though one part of your body hurts, the reason for it might be coming from somewhere else.

Our in depth evaluation not only looks at your pain point, but your whole body and lifestyle to determine what exactly the root cause of your pain is.

Step 2: Next Level Holistic Treatment

Our treatment approach is a mix of manual therapy, breathwork, guided meditation, passive and active range of motion, strength conditioning, and much more. This is what our team and patients love about Myorenew. Our Miami Sports Therapy isn’t tied to one technique or method, we take the time to learn who you are, and what treatment style will be best. From here, we deliver a custom holistic plan of care!

We are very mind-body oriented here at Myorenew, and our treatment is different from any care you’ve ever had. Make sure you have your gym clothes and be ready to move, breath, and get strong!

As you progress into your Sports Therapy plan, your treatment will evolve. The idea is that you come in with pain, and the first few weeks are designed around getting you out of pain. For the most part, this part of treatment will be done on the table and include modalities like myofascial release, breathing techniques, active and passive stretching as well as working on foundational movements and muscle activation drills.

The following few weeks start to look different as you get out of pain. Ideally, you start spending less time on the treatment table, and more time training in the gym. This is where the real magic happens. A real Sports Therapy plan empowers you while helping you build a strong resilient mind and body. Being able to lift weights, feel strong, build confidence, manage stress better, and move with freedom is how we get you out of pain forever, and back to the lifestyle you want to live.

Step 3: Add Movement Education + Strength Training

Traditional Therapy usually serves you a watered down version. At Myorenew, we value your time, pay attention to the details, and guide you through your custom plan.

Movement and Strength Training differs for everyone based on their limitations, pain level, injury, and overall stress. Someone who is experiencing a lot of pain and just recently injured themselves will do slightly less exercise and more hands-on work. But, for someone who needs more movement coaching and strength, that's exactly what we will do.

A lot of sessions can look like a workout and a yoga/pilates class all in one— we get you moving, help you connect the dots, and empower you to move and feel like your strongest self regardless of injury.

At this point, we start putting everything together. We can start tailoring the exercises to complement your training regimen, implementing a more detailed warmup, or start working on a mobility program designed for you.

Most people stick around in this stage long term. Each week we progress further along your custom plan, and the sessions look a lot more like a workout than they do a traditional therapy session.

Why do our patients love this so much? If you come in one day and your back is slightly bothering you, we get you right on the table and make sure we address it before it becomes a bigger problem. That recurring, 1 hour session you have booked with your personal Sports Therapist is the best hour of your week.

Our Sports Therapy Sessions are different.

And that’s why you need it. Having a reoccurring, 60 minute session with one of our highly educated and passionate Sports Therapists is the best thing you can do for your health. Having this time to train, address any tightness you have, or to solve an injury is something that is irreplaceable.

Use the time for a structured training session, or to make sure you’re keeping up with your recovery and mobility work so you don’t have to give up your active lifestyle.

Ready to start? Book a FREE 15-Minute Phone consultation with me, and we can address what pain points you have now, where you want to be, and how we at Myorenew can help!

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