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Staying Grounded and Elevating your Performance  

I was recommended and recently read the “ The Practice of Groundedness: A Transformative Path to Success That Feeds--Not Crushes--Your Soul” by Brad Stulberg

Basically, this book goes into detail, outlines, and explains how building a strong foundation of groundedness is one of the best ways to be happier and more successful.

As a person who is always in search of ways to improve and teach others to do the same, I jumped in.

So I put together todays blog as a way to revisit the concepts explained in the book while at the same time passing along information I think will add value to your practice.

So what is groundedness ?

Stulberg explains groundedness as, “ when you concentrate on being present in the process of living instead of obsessing over outcomes, and above all when you’re firmly ground wherever you are “

For me, this means, not to be thinking of yesterday or what might happen tomorrow or even in an hour from now. But instead, focus on what I can control at this very moment and do the best I can right now with what I have available.

In this day in age, its easy to get caught in the rat race of achieving more, faster. So part of why I connected so strongly to Stulberge’s work in :” The Practice of Grounddedness” is because of the emphasis of quality over quantity.

As a creative person and an entrepreneur, I am constantly trying to find ways to exercise my creative side or making sure my business is doing well. The downside to both of these qualities is the constant need to be doing more and the comparison to others the may be doing something similar.

So a big part of groundedness for me is not succumbing to the external markers of success but instead building a healthier, solid, fulfilled, and strong internal version of my own version.

Below are the principle of groundedness outlined by Stulberg in his book:

Acceptance - Accept where your are to get where you want to go

Presence - Be present so you can own your attention and energy

Patience - Be patient and you’ll get there faster

Vulnerability - Embrace vulnerability to develop genuine strength and confidence

Deep Community - Immerse yourself in supportive spaces that nurture genuine connection and belonging

Movement - Move your body to ground your mind

So how exactly can having more groundedness impact performance ?

Practicing the principles of groundedness helps to keep your mind clear from external distractions, focused on your version of success, and executing with precision.

Although the message of the book is not unfamiliar or new, its a reminder that aligning your thoughts, words, and actions with what is true to you rather than the expectation of others, yields more and actually feels good. As Stulberg says, “aligning your doing with your being”.

How can we build a successful grounded practice?

There. Is. No . Magic. Pill. You have to do the work

Like anything else worthwhile it takes time and practice. ( Hence the “Practice “ of groundedness )

Stulberg explains and give examples of how vital daily practice is key in a successful practice.

This daily practice should focus on “watering the seeds “ of groundedness (a.k.a the principles mentioned earlier) while being careful not to water the seeds of habits that hinder our growth.

Of course with any practice comes growing pains and failure which is Inevitable part of the journey.

So, keep it simple, practice daily, rinse and repeat.

Hopefully this small review helps ignite some thoughts on how you can improve your practice as it has mine. I highly recommend you grab copy of "The Practice of Groundedness” and take a dive yourself.

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