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Technique is King

Updated: Jun 10

One of the most important concepts in training is the use of proper form. But, how often are we really prioritizing technique?

Often, we prioritize getting all our repetitions regardless of the quality in them. In fact, it is more satisfying to accomplish and get it “done” than to slow down and perfect our movement.

No matter how many repetitions are required there are either positive adaptations or negative adaptations. Meaning, every single repetition that you do you are teaching your mind and body. The higher the quality of repetition the more efficient and sustainable the movement. The lower the quality of repetition the more efficient and effective you become at moving poorly.

Prioritization technique is not only important to maximizing performance but plays a vital role in staying healthy. The more time we spend under high quality technique the less likely we are to develop dysfunction and injuries.

Like anything of high quality, practicing good technique comes at a price. What seems as a simple skill or movement becomes exponentially harder when doing it the right way. There's a reason for that.

When we become more intentional and connected with our body during a movement, we produce a higher level of mind-muscle integration. Meaning, our muscles are contracting much more strongly and doing so simply because we are thinking about it. We call this the mind-muscle connection.

As your body works harder at staying connected, the movement becomes more difficult in the beginning because of the new requirements. With each repetition, this integration becomes stronger and your body is learning how to do it better. Over time it becomes easier and you move with greater ease.

With every moment we spend practicing a skill our body adapts. HOW your body adapts is totally dependent on the quality of your practice.

Spend your time wisely and train intentionally. Technique is King

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