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The Carry | How-To Guide and Tutorial

Movement #6 in the foundational movement series is the Carry.

A necessity in human movement is the ability to walk and handle load as we do. The carry gives the ability to train both consistently and progressively.

Within the carry it challenges upper and lower body coordination , cross body stabilization , and endurance.

The Farmers Walk

  • Stand Tall :

Feet facing forward and long erect spine with neutral pelvis. You want to imagine a string starting from the ground and runs through each vertebrae to the top of the head

  • Heel to Toe walk :

Focus on the distribution of weight from one foot to another by emphasizing the heel to toe walk which is part of our natural gait cycle. This is important as works the natural walking pattern but also reeducates the body to distribute and coordinate appropriately

  • Minimize any compensation including :

  • Forward flexion

  • Lateral flexion

It is very common to fall into one of these compensations patterns as load is introduced. Its important to maintain a strong starting position and minimize the influence of the load.

Other variations:

  • 1KB Unilateral Farmers Walk

  • 1KB Front Carry Walk

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